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Written by James Cullen   
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 20:45

Josh Roeser, Crossniacs, got the victory that had eluded him for 3 weeks, winning Cat 1/2/3 race at Tuesday Night Cross #4. Terra James, Sweet and Salty Cycling,  repeated her win from last week in the Women's race. Jesse Rients, Kuhl/Bicycle Fit Guru, took the victory in the Masters 35+ race, and Fred Mills, Freewheel, unseated dual winner Mitch Nordahl as winner in the Cat 4 race.

This week's course was an exercise in turning ability. Some riders claimed getting dizzy and lost on parts of the course. The strong winds made racing even tougher, as riders often rode right through the tape, keeping the MCT course marshals on their feet.

After winning the Masters 35+ races at TNC#1 and TNC#2, Roeser was hungry for a win in the main event. With previous winners Doug Swanson and Jordan Cullen absent, and teammate CJ Faulkner MIA as well, Roeser seemed the heir apparent to the crown. However, Pat Lemieux, Kenda Pro Cycling, made his TNC debut, and was sure to be the guy to watch.

On the first lap, it was Chris Fisher, Crossniacs, and Lemieux who took the initative, and broke away from the front of the pack. Rients and Roeser gave chase, followed by Andrew Pierre, Angry Catfish, and Adam Froemming, MBRC/Flanders. Fisher and Lemieux exchanged blows, but stayed together, soon joined by Rients, Roeser, and Froemming, making it a front group of 5. Lemieux stayed on the attack, but wasn't able to make it stick, as Rients flatted out of the race. Late in the race, Fisher lost touch as the front 3 continued to attack each other in a bid for the win. On the last lap, Lemieux chased Froemming down leading into the triple barrier run-up. Roeser was quickest in his remount, and sprinted around the other 2. Only Froemming responded, but was unable to regain contact, as Roeser took the win. Froemming 2nd, Fisher 3rd. A hard charging Chris Smith, HUP United finished 4th.

This weekend marks the first of 9 weekends in a row of MCF cyclocross racing. Saturday is the Cyclocross Conspiracy at the Corcoran county fairgrounds in Corcoran, MN, sponsored by MCT. Sunday is the EC3 Rivers CX at Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove, MN sponsored by Endurance Promotions. See you there!


Triple Crown Series - Road

Standings as of June 15, 2015

  • Boys 10-14 - Adam Vail
  • Boys 15-18 - Bogdan Rylski
  • Girls 10-14 - Jennifer Mettler
  • Girls 15-18 - Wyatt Singh
  • Masters 40+ - Daniel Casper
  • Masters 50+ - David Herbert
  • Men 1/2 - Jameson Ribbens
  • Men 3 - Andrew Thompson
  • Men 4 - Isaac Bryant
  • Men 5 - Robert Bell
  • Women 1/2 - Carol Jeane Sansome
  • Women 3 - Gabrielle Russell
  • Women 4 - Sarah Kottke
Precis Velo

CRY Leaders

Standings as of November 5, 2014

  • Junior Boys 13-14 - Adam Vail
  • Junior Boys 15-18 - Sam Westlake
  • Junior Boys 9-12 - Anthony Hilligoss
  • Junior Girls 13-14 - Jenna Westlake
  • Junior Girls 15-18 - Valerie McGoldrick
  • Junior Girls 9-12 - Jennifer Mettler
  • Men 1/2 - Craig Faulkner
  • Men 3 - Levon Kalemkiarian
  • Open 35+ - Jay Henderson
  • Open 45+ - Arik Jon Holm
  • Open 55+ - Bruce Porter
  • Singlespeed - Fred Mills
  • Women 1/2 - Linda Sone
  • Women 3 - Chelsea Strate
Twin Six

TROY Leaders

2015 Standings as of 6/25/15


  1. Dan Casper (60)
  2. Matt Montesano (46)
  3. Erin Young (42)
  4. Brandon Krawczyk (11)
  5. Andy Kruse (9)


  1. Margeaux Claude (54)
  2. Linda Sone (48)
  3. Heidi Goodson (33)
  4. Beth Franklin (25)
  5. Melissa Dahlmann (22)