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Written by James Cullen   
Saturday, 24 September 2011 21:32

Doug Swancxson, GrandStay, took the victory in the CRY season opener Cross Consipracy Cat 1/2 race, held at the Corcoran County Fairgrounds. He won a hard fought battle with Jeff Kluck, SC Velo. Swanson stated, "I just rode his wheel for most of the race. He was so punchy and strong, but I was better in the turns." Chris Fisher, Crossniacs finished 3rd.

Linda Cooper, Great Plains, made the trek down from North Dakota, to take the win in the women's field. She prevailed over Martha Flynn-Kauth, Birchwood in 2nd, and Kathryn Phillips, Synergy in 3rd.

Although the day was sunny, calm, and relatively warm, turnout was noticably light with a 115 racers total. The USGP race in Madison, as well as the MTB race in St. Cloud looked to have a bigger impact than expected. Nonetheless, Freewheel MCT put on a great show. The BMX track was missing, but the course featured a good mix of technical turns, off-camber, and flowed very well. It was a bit rough, but so are most cross races, right?

In the Cat 1/2/M35+ race, Jake Helmbrecht, Freewheel, took the whole shot, but soon after Kluck was driving on the front. Only Swanson and Fisher were able to keep pace, as the trio rode away from the rest of the pack. Kluck was relentless, getting out of the saddle, pushing the pace out of every turn. A few laps in, Fisher was dropped. An off-camber turn into a steep, but ride-able run-up, a few hundred meters before the finish was a key section of the course. Swanson bobbled on one lap, giving Kluck a small gap, but it closed down quickly. A couple laps later, it was Kluck who bobbled the run-up, and Swanson gaining the advantage, only to be shut down as well. Kluck continued to lead most of the closing laps, until Swanson made his move approaching the off-camber section before the run-up. Swanson pulled a small gap on the run-up, and charged home to victory.

Below is a complete list of category winners for the day:
Cat 4 Men - Mitch Nordahl, MNJRC
Jr Men 15-18 - Alec Porter, Bianchi Grand Performance
Jr Women 15-18 - Rachael Jensen - Geargrinder
Jr Women 10-14 - Anya Malarski - MNJRC
Cat 3 Men - Matthew Petersen - Balance
Cat 3 Women - Linda Cooper - Great Plains
Masters 45+ - Ladric Grant - Crossniacs
Masters 55+ - Charlie Townsend - Bianchi Grand Performance
Masters 35+ - Jason Snider - Hollywood Cycles
Cat 1/2 Men - Doug Swanson - GrandStay Hotels


CRY Leaders

Standings as of November 5, 2014

  • Junior Boys 13-14 - Adam Vail
  • Junior Boys 15-18 - Sam Westlake
  • Junior Boys 9-12 - Anthony Hilligoss
  • Junior Girls 13-14 - Jenna Westlake
  • Junior Girls 15-18 - Valerie McGoldrick
  • Junior Girls 9-12 - Jennifer Mettler
  • Men 1/2 - Craig Faulkner
  • Men 3 - Levon Kalemkiarian
  • Open 35+ - Jay Henderson
  • Open 45+ - Arik Jon Holm
  • Open 55+ - Bruce Porter
  • Singlespeed - Fred Mills
  • Women 1/2 - Linda Sone
  • Women 3 - Chelsea Strate
Precis Velo

ROY Leaders

Standings as of August 27, 2014

  • Boys 10-14 - Isaac Bryant
  • Boys 15-18 - chase wark
  • Girls 10-14 - Wyatt Singh
  • Girls 15-18 - Anya Malarski
  • Masters 35+ - Laszlo Alberti
  • Men 1/2 - Jonathan Toftoy
  • Men 3 - Kevin Laux
  • Women 1/2/3 - Teresa Moriarty
Twin Six

TROY Leaders

Final 2014 Standings


  1. Brandon Krawczyk (108)
  2. Dan Casper (90)
  3. Matt Montesano (85)
  4. Jeff Anderson (60)
  5. Erin Young (52)


  1. Linsey Hamilton (114)
  2. Margeaux Claude (100)
  3. Linda Sone (87)
  4. Abby Ruess (80) 
  5. Anya Malarski (76)