Who are Carrie Seipp-Sansome and Jameson Ribbens? PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 08 May 2015 09:07

By Diedre Ribbens

As our Sprinter van hurtles down the interstate into an oncoming storm, clouds of dust swirling across the road, the Men’s and Women’s MCF Triple Crown series leaders, Jameson Ribbens and Carrie Seipp-Sansome, look startled. “WOAH,” says Seipp-Sansome, “we are definitely going to get some rain here soon!” We’re headed back from a successful weekend of stage racing in La Crosse, WI, and this van ride has presented the perfect opportunity to get to know a little more about these two powerhouse racers. Ribbens, racing for Revolution TwinSix Metal Racing, is a 29-year-old Cat 1 racer from Minneapolis. This is his second season with Metal, returning to the Minnesota cycling scene after a four-year sojourn in Maryland. Seipp-Sansome, on the other hand, has been a fixture of the Minnesota scene for many years. The 40-year-old cyclocross specialist and Cat 2 roadie races for the Saint Paul Bicycle Racing Club and resides in Eagan. Our interview was a chance to learn about their thoughts on their current Triple Crown standings (both racers won their fields at the THK circuit race and Gopher Criterium), their quirky pre-race prep, motivation to keep working hard, and their surprisingly staunch feelings on tail gunning in criteriums.

MCF: How do you feel about your results in the Triple Crown series so far?

Jameson Ribbens (JR): They are better than my expectations. When I went to make the move [in the two races I won], I didn’t think it was the winning move, and it wasn’t necessarily set up to be the winning move. It turned out that way largely because our team did a good time of controlling the race, allowing my time gap to grow.
Carrie Seipp-Sansome (CS): I like bike racing - it’s really fun! [My win at THK] was actually not expected either. I wasn’t necessarily going in to that race thinking I would be the race winner, but it was good. I was also really happy that Ken Woods had such a strong field with a lot of women in it, which made the bike racing really fun. It was nice to be on the podium in that race as well.

SEIPP-SANSOME, 2015. Winning the snowy Tuesday Night Worlds Crit. Photo Credit: Joel Woodward.

Minnesota Memorial Classic PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 08 May 2015 07:53

Our local Flyover Midwest Omnium Race Series race is coming up - the Minnesota Memorial Classic.  A circuit race and time trial on Saturday, May 23 in Rockford, MN starts the series.  Sunday, May 24, continues with a road race in Lester Prairie and the omnium completes with a criterium on Monday, May 25, in Falcon Heights, MN.

Click on the image below to view the flyer.


How Painful was the New Gopher Criterium at the State Fairgrounds? PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 09:19

By Brady Prenzlow

The Gopher Criterium or Campus Criterium has been forced to change locations numerous times over the last several years. Even this edition was forced to modify the course slightly away from the St. Paul Campus and toward the State Fairgrounds at the last minute. However, the general response from those that raced this technical course was positive.


Who were the Big Winners in the Afternoon Fields of the Ken Woods Memorial Road Race? PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 27 April 2015 09:59

By Brady Prenzlow


The weather conditions may have been a little warmer than when I raced in the morning, but the afternoon fields at the Ken Woods Memorial Road Race experienced just as much wind and elevation. Congrats to all who spent their Saturday afternoon racing in Cannon Falls, MN.


Snowy, Cold, and Windy Conditions were the Biggest Opponent for Week Two of the Tuesday Night Worlds Crit PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 20:26

By Brady Prenzlow


Week Two of the Tuesday Night Worlds Crit saw a 30 degree temperature swing from the previous week, 25 mph winds, and frequent snow squalls throughout. With conditions like this, it was clear who the diehard crit racers are for 2015. However, these same conditions led to nearly every field being blown to bits by the end of each race.


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Triple Crown Series - Road

Standings as of April 26, 2015

  • Boys 10-14 - Adam Vail
  • Boys 15-18 - Bogdan Rylski
  • Girls 10-14 - Jennifer Mettler
  • Girls 15-18 - Wyatt Singh
  • Masters 40+ - Daniel Casper
  • Masters 50+ - David Herbert
  • Men 1/2 - Jameson Ribbens
  • Men 3 - Andrew Thompson
  • Men 4 - Isaac Bryant
  • Men 5 - Robert Bell
  • Women 1/2 - Carol Jeane Sansome
  • Women 3 - Gabrielle Russell
  • Women 4 - Sarah Kottke
Precis Velo

CRY Leaders

Standings as of November 5, 2014

  • Junior Boys 13-14 - Adam Vail
  • Junior Boys 15-18 - Sam Westlake
  • Junior Boys 9-12 - Anthony Hilligoss
  • Junior Girls 13-14 - Jenna Westlake
  • Junior Girls 15-18 - Valerie McGoldrick
  • Junior Girls 9-12 - Jennifer Mettler
  • Men 1/2 - Craig Faulkner
  • Men 3 - Levon Kalemkiarian
  • Open 35+ - Jay Henderson
  • Open 45+ - Arik Jon Holm
  • Open 55+ - Bruce Porter
  • Singlespeed - Fred Mills
  • Women 1/2 - Linda Sone
  • Women 3 - Chelsea Strate
Twin Six

TROY Leaders

Final 2014 Standings


  1. Brandon Krawczyk (108)
  2. Dan Casper (90)
  3. Matt Montesano (85)
  4. Jeff Anderson (60)
  5. Erin Young (52)


  1. Linsey Hamilton (114)
  2. Margeaux Claude (100)
  3. Linda Sone (87)
  4. Abby Ruess (80) 
  5. Anya Malarski (76)