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Written by Chris Smith   
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 09:52

The 2014 MCF Cyclocross Rider of the Year Competition wraps up this Saturday under the lights at Star Cross! The racing has been very competitive this year and there are some important race categories left to be decided in the final race!

The Junior Girls 15-18 has Valerie McGoldrick in a sold lead but only 11 points separate Wyatt Singh and Anya Malarski.

The Junior Girls 9-12 looks to be coming down to a battle between Jennifer Mettler and Erika Peterson!

Adam Vail will win the Junior Boys 13-14 but 2nd place is being fought between Nick Carter and Ethan Peterson.

Sam Westlake will win the Junior Boys 15-18 but four riders are within two points for second place and Samuel Elson, Nick Gordon, Trek Malarski and Mikael Ellingson will find out who wins on Saturday!

In the Open 35+ category the results are currently tied between Jay Henderson and Paul Krumrich!

Arik Jon Holm will win the Open 45+ but 2nd place will be decided between Jason Snider and Charles Jacobs.

The Open 55+ sees a 3 point difference between Bruce Porter and Robert Ogren, with David Delperdang, Charles Townsend, William Kuster, Mark Overgaard and Matthew McLean still fighting for 3rd place overall!

In the Men’s 3 category Levon Kalemkiarian leads but Chris Van Ert is 15 points behind. With Kalemkiarian out of town for the weekend Van Ert can win Rider of the Year if he wins the race! Colin Catlin, Matt Nelson, Kevin Guiney and Andrew Thompson are all battling for the 3rd place position.

The Women’s 3 sees Chelsea Strate in the lead by 15 points. All she has to do is finish in the points on Saturday night and she will win Rider of the Year! Behind Chelsea is Heidi Goodson, Rebecca Ireland, Gwen Jorgensen and Stacy Kalemkiarian fighting for 2nd place!

Fred Mills has the Single Speed category locked up but Buckley Birnholz, Daniel Strese, Monte Dirks and Ryan Horkey are all still fighting for 2nd place.

CJ Faulkner leads the Men’s 1/2 category with Chris Fisher in 2nd. Josh Bauer, Eric Thompson are battling for 3rd place.

Lina Sone and Carol Jeane Sansome are separated by just 1 point in the Women’s 1/2 category with Jennifer Nowlin and Corey Coogan Cisek still in competition for 3rd place.

All will be decided this Saturday night at Star Cross! Join us for the final MCF Rider of the Year Cyclocross Race!


Please note, this article to hype the MCF CX Rider of the Year series in no way takes into account the best 6 7 of 9 race format to determine the overall winner of the Series. Whoops. Thanks for reading anyway!  -  cts

edited 10:00pm 10/29/14

October MCF Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Smith   
Friday, 10 October 2014 21:33

Minutes from the October 6 2014 MCF Meeting can be found here.

Current MCF financials can be found here:

  Balance Sheet

  Withdrawal Details

  Deposit Details

The next MCF Meeting is scheduled for Monday December 1, 2014. Discussion of the NSC Velodrome Repair Funding Proposal and a vote on this proposal will take place as will MCF Elections for President (one year special term), Secretary (one year special term), Vice President (standard two year term) and Treasurer (standard two year term). Representatives of MCF Clubs will be casting votes and details the requirements for voting can be found in the October meeting minutes at the link above.

Anyone can be nominated to serve any of the above four listed MCF Executive Board Positions. For information regarding the responsibilities for each of these positions please reference the MCF Bylaws. Nominations can be announced anytime between now and until the vote is called to take place by the MCF President at the December meeting. Nomination announcements can take place on the MCF Forum (General topic), on the MCF Facebook page or any other public forum that the candidate desires to use. The candidate is also responsible for assuring that their name is present on the ballot for the office in which they are interested at the December meeting, either by being at the meeting in person or sending someone to represent them at the meeting. Nominations of individuals who are not willing and/or able to fulfill the responsibilities listed in the MCF Bylaws will not be accepted onto the ballot.

We hope to see you all at the December MCF meeting!

MCF Meeting Tonight October 6 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Smith   
Monday, 06 October 2014 11:20

MCF Meeting tonight! Details can be found here. Location info is on the calendar link.

Hope to see you there!

Sansome and Bauer win at Baker Orchard CX presented by Donkey Label PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Cullen   
Sunday, 05 October 2014 20:46


Carrie Sansome (County Cycles/Trek) leads the elite women's race through the barriers
Photo Courtesy of 

Carrie Sansome (County Cycles/Trek) and Josh Bauer (Twin Six) both claimed victory at the 6th Annual Baker Orchard CX Race presented by Donkey Label. The wet weather leading up to the race made for classic muddy conditions in the early races, only to dry out a bit under beautiful sunny skies later in the day. Unfortunately, the course could not go through the barn this year, due to some ongoing improvements. However, moving the barriers in from the Orchard, and using lower ones, which could be hopped, were a hit with the spectators.

Sansome claimed her 3rd victory in a row, after 2 wins at last week's Metal CX. Teammate Linda Sone, was Carrie's main challenger again, giving close chase. Sone held on for a strong 2nd place. Last year's winner, Jennifer Nowlin (The Fix Studio) took the final step of the podium, finishing 3rd in front of Megan Barr (Twin Six), and Corey Coogan Cisek (The Fix Studio).

The elite men's race was a close one, with Bauer duking it out for the entire race with Jack Hinkens (All City), and Jessie Rients (Trek). Josh made a strong move on the final lap to take his first MN elite men's win of his career. Hinkens beat Rients in the battle for 2nd. CJ Faulkner chased the leading trio all race, and scored 4th, with Drew Wilson (Rochester Velo) coming from behind to take 5th.

Chris Fischer (County Cycles/Trek) rides the barriers like a pro
Photo Courtesy of

Team Relay Podium: "Boneheads" 1st, "HUBGoose" 2nd, and Birchwood 3rd.

A special thanks to event sponsors Donkey Label and Tom Nielsen - Coldwell Banker Burnet for making this such a great event!

Full results can be found HERE.

Thompson and Sansome Double up at Metal Cross PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Cullen   
Monday, 29 September 2014 10:03


Sunday Elite Men's Podium (L-R) - Dominic Talerco, CJ Faulkner, Eric Thompson, Josh Bauer, and Chris Fisher. 

Eric Thompson (Mt. Borah) and Carrie Sansome (County Cycles/Trek) both doubled up this weekend at the 2-day Metal Cross in Clearwater, MN. Thompson won both days by similar margins over BKB/Twin Six Rider, Josh Bauer, who finished 2nd both days. Jesse Rients (Trek), was 3rd on Saturday, with CJ Faulker (County Cycles/Trek) 3rd on Sunday. Sansome took victory both days over County Cycles/Trek teammate, Linda Sone. Fix Studio took 3rd both days in the elite women, with Jennifer Nowlin on Saturday, and Corey Coogan Cisek on Sunday.

The event, promoted by Revolution Cycles/Twin Six, was held in beautiful Wagner Park, under unusually warm, sunny skies. Many racers and spectators sought refuge from the heat in the cool waters of the park lake, and watched as the racers charged through the sandy beach each lap.

Team Relay Podium

Although most folks missed it, the new Team Relay event was definitely a hit. 7 teams lined up for the final event of the weekend, coming down to a final lap battle between Team Hollywood Cycles (THC) and the composite WSG team. THC was afforded a 1 minute head start in the event, and held the lead all the way to the sandy beach, where Josh Bauer was able to pass Jay "Hollywood" Henderson and take the victory for WSG. Revolution/Twin 6 rounded out the podium in the relay event.

Full results can be found at HERE.

Coming up this next weekend is Baker Orchard CX on Saturday, and Jacksons Meadow CX on Sunday.

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CRY Leaders

Standings as of October 26, 2014

  • Junior Boys 13-14 - Adam Vail
  • Junior Boys 15-18 - Sam Westlake
  • Junior Boys 9-12 - Anthony Hilligoss
  • Junior Girls 13-14 - Jenna Westlake
  • Junior Girls 15-18 - Valerie McGoldrick
  • Junior Girls 9-12 - Jennifer Mettler
  • Men 1/2 - Craig Faulkner
  • Men 3 - Levon Kalemkiarian
  • Open 35+ - Paul Krumrich/Jay Henderson
  • Open 45+ - Arik Jon Holm
  • Open 55+ - Bruce Porter
  • Singlespeed - Fred Mills
  • Women 1/2 - Linda Sone
  • Women 3 - Chelsea Strate
Precis Velo

ROY Leaders

Standings as of August 27, 2014

  • Boys 10-14 - Isaac Bryant
  • Boys 15-18 - chase wark
  • Girls 10-14 - Wyatt Singh
  • Girls 15-18 - Anya Malarski
  • Masters 35+ - Laszlo Alberti
  • Men 1/2 - Jonathan Toftoy
  • Men 3 - Kevin Laux
  • Women 1/2/3 - Teresa Moriarty
Twin Six

TROY Leaders

Final 2014 Standings


  1. Brandon Krawczyk (108)
  2. Dan Casper (90)
  3. Matt Montesano (85)
  4. Jeff Anderson (60)
  5. Erin Young (52)


  1. Linsey Hamilton (114)
  2. Margeaux Claude (100)
  3. Linda Sone (87)
  4. Abby Ruess (80) 
  5. Anya Malarski (76)